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Boise Dance Class Tuition Prices


Dress Code

How a student dresses is a reflection of their discipline and respect for the art form.
Hair needs to be secured and out of the face

  • No jewelry
  • No watches
  • No jeans

Boys can wear movable pants and t-shirt.


The Dance Closet

The Dance Closet has a small shop set up in BDA's Lobby! There is a selection of shoes, tights, leotards and warm-ups right at the studio for your convenience! The Dance Closet's full store is located off of Overland at 9953 W Cable Car Street, Suite 120, Boise, ID 83709. The phone number is (208) 570-7292.




Class-Specific Guidelines

  • Ballet -- Black Leotard; Pink tights; Ballet shoes; No overdress.
  • Jazz -- Black shorts/jazz pants; Solid color, form-fitting top/leotard; Jazz shoes or foot undies.
  • Hip-Hop -- Sweatpants/shorts; Leotard/t-shirt; Indoor Tennis shoes.
  • Ballet/Tap Combo -- Pink or black tights; Pink or Black leotard; Ballet shoes; Tap shoes.
  • Tap -- Black shorts/jazz pants; Form-fitting top/leotard; Tap shoes
  • Contemporary -- Black shorts/jazz pants; Solid color, form-fitting top/leotard; barefoot
  • Acro -- Leotard or fitted top and shorts; barefoot