Creative movement/ballet dance classes in Boise

    Creative Movement/Ballet classes are designed for young children for the purpose of enabling them to master the basic motor skills such as skipping, jumping, leaping, and galloping. It is through creative movement in basic technique that simple dances are created to introduce students to the basic concepts of dance: body/action, space, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, balance, and social skills. (Ages 3-5)

    Pre-ballet/Jazz is a class devoted to establishing the basic vocabulary and fundamental elements of jazz and classical ballet technique. This class is geared towards teen students who are trying out dance for the first time and need a strong foundation. Students learn the five positions of arm and feet, while learning the basic alignment of the body. This class provides the foundation for all further areas of dance training such as ballet, contemporary, hip hop and pointe. (Ages 11 and up)

    Jazz dance classes in BoiseBallet
    training introduces students to the concepts of strength, flexibility, core stability and turn out. Our ballet classes offer a progressive study of classical ballet technique that teaches students how to be graceful and fluid in their movements.  Students placement is determined by the number of years of past dance training and ability. (Ages 5 and up)

    Jazz is a fast-paced, fun movement class targeting turns, leaps, and flexibility. This class incorporates body isolations as well as stretching and strengthening. Accompanied with fun, upbeat music this class appeals to many! A students placement is determined by the number of years past dance training and ability. Previous ballet experience is not required, but strongly recommended in conjunction with this class. (Ages 5 and up)

    Hip hop dance classes in Boise

    Hip-hop is a dynamic class that provides students with the latest trends in the constant changing style. Dancers should expect to receive fast-paced progressions and choreography. Hip Hop is designed to improve dancers rhythm and cordination and promotes a strong understanding of beats and musicality. A students placement is determined by a number of years of past dance training and ability. (Ages 5 and up)

    Tap is for anyone interested in learning the basic fundamentals of tap. Tap dancers will use their feet to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. Tap is a great way for students to experience music and dance all in one art form! (Ages 5 and up)

    Contemporary is a style of dance that combines and mimics several other styles of dance. Using the elements and background of classical ballet, modern and jazz, dancers will learn how to connect their minds and bodies into a beautiful and unique form of dance. (Ages 11 and up)

    Strength and Flexibility is a class designed for dancers to work on their strength as well as their flexibility. The goal is for dancers to learn how to use their muscles in a way that will help prevent injuries as well as excel in their technique classes. (Ages 11 and up)

    Acro/Tumbling is for anyone interested in learning the basic fundamentals of acrobatics for dancers. Dancers will work on a progression of skills including, walk-overs, hand stands, hand springs, ariels, stalls and lifts. (Ages 7 and up)

    Mommy & Me is a class designed for dancers walking to three years of age. Designed to be taken with an adult partner, this class explores the beginning levels of movement and music. This class is a fun and engaging way for the littlest of dancers to work on gross motor skills, basic dance terminology and social skills. (walking through 3 years old)

    Ballet/Tap Combo is a beginning level class dedicated to establishing basic knowledge and vocabulary in the areas of ballet and tap. Dancers will learn the five positions of the arms and feet as well as basic movement skills. Dancers will also learn how to be in a teacher led environment and practice simple classroom skills. (Ages 3-5 years old)

    Download the 2018 Summer Evening Classes Schedule2018 Summer Evening Classes Schedule

    Download the 2018 Summer Junior Dance Camp Schedule2018 Summer Junior Dance Camp Schedule

    Download the 2018 Summer Senior Dance Camp Schedule2018 Summer Senior Dance Camp Schedule

    BDA is determined to provide a schedule that meets the needs and desires of our dancers.

    If there is a specific class that you wish were offered, or there is a time conflict with a class that you wish to take, please e-mail or call us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wish.

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    Payment Policy

    Tuition is paid per semester at the time of registration:

    • Fall Semester: August 21st – December 15th
    • Spring Semester: January 8th – May 19th

    Multiple Classes Discount Policy

    10% is taken off each additional class when signing up for multiple classes. This discount applies to individual dancers, as well as to families registering siblings.

    Tuition Costs
      Fall Semester Spring Semester
    1 Hour Class $232 $261
    45 Minute Class $232 $261
    Ballet 4 Package $348 $392
    Ballet 5 Package $348 $392

    *Adult Classes are $40 per session (see Adult Schedule on Class Schedule Page).

    *Classes are $14.50 per class. The reason for the increase in price in the spring semester is simply that the semester is longer, therefore there are more classes.

    *Summer evening classes = $10 per class

    **If paying by semester is a financial burden, please contact us.

    Download the 2018 Summer Registration Packet2018 Summer Registration Packet

    Please print this form or save it to your hard drive before completing.

    Mail this form with payment to 3135 E Barber Valley Drive, Boise, ID. 83716 or drop off at the studio.

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    Refund Policy

    If for some reason you need to stop a class or session the following policies will apply:

    • Pro-rated refunds will be given during the first month of each school year semester. Tuition will not be refunded after that point.
    • During summer camps and summer classes a 50% refund will be given with the remainder going towards a credit.

    Dress Code

    BDA dress code and class-specific guidelinesHow a student dresses is a reflection of their discipline and respect for the art form.

    • Hair needs to be secured and out of the face
    • No jewelry
    • No watches
    • No jeans

    Class-Specific Guidelines

    • Creative Movement/Ballet — Pink or black footless tights; Pink or Black leotard; Ballet shoes.
    • Ballet — Black Leotard; Pink tights; Ballet shoes; No overdress.
    • Jazz — Black shorts/jazz pants; Solid color, form-fitting top/leotard; Jazz shoes or foot undies.
    • Hip-Hop — Sweatpants/shorts; Leotard/t-shirt; Tennis shoes.
    • Ballet/Tap Combo — Pink or black tights; Pink or Black leotard; Ballet shoes; Tap shoes.
    • Tap — Black shorts/jazz pants; Form-fitting top/leotard; Tap shoes

    *Boys can wear movable pants and t-shirt.

    *Adults are not required to wear tights and leotard.

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